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Database Tutorial

  • Phenotypic
    User's guide to phenotypic search.
  • Keyword
    User's guide to Keyword search.
  • Expression
    User's guide to expression search.
  • Advanced
    User's guide to Advanced search.

Keyword search:
You can search by a single term (e.g. leaf), all the results corresponding to the term will be return. if you're looking for several term like dwarf15, dwarf18 etc. the caracter (*) could be use (e.g. dwarf*). if you enter a couple of term like leaf angle the order is important ("angle leaf" doesn't match).


Phenotype search:
Choose a single or several criteria between "phenotypic class", "organ", "developmental stage" and "refferenced or designated mutants" lists. If you're only looking for line with FST or/and seeds stock, you can check these boxes before submit your query.

Reporter Gene expression search:
Select between these lists a term and submit the query to display a list of line. Several lists can be selected in the same time except organ and tissue.
Check organ specific or tissue specific options if youIf you're only looking for an expression in specificly this organ/tissueline. Idem with FST or/and seed stock, you can check these boxes before submit your query.
Advanced search:
See Advanced search tutorial.