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Existence of limited sequence redundancies

 in the Oryza Tag Line database

Case N°1 :

The transformation process may include in very limited cases --estimated to a maximum of 5%-- the generation of clonal plants representing the same transformation event. The same FST may be generated from DNA isolated from these two (or more) clonal primary transformants.

Case N°2 :

Single PCR2 products can be generated independently from SspI and DraI digests of a same DNA sample in ca. 33 % (6,269), of the 19,091 primary transformants analyzed so far in the project. PCR fragments generated from SspI and DraI digests yield good sequences in 40% (2, 247) of these samples that are transferred in the sequence database. Comparison of these sequences reveal that they are generated from different T-DNA inserts with a 75%  frequency.  In the remnant 25% (ca. 560), two FST sequences identified by a code DXXYXY for  DraI and SXXYXY for SspI correspond to the same insert. Request for the plant material related to these sequences will allow to eliminate ambiguities.






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